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"Mend Them, Teach Them"


"Mend Them, Teach Them"

Empty Saddle Memorial Foundation


ESMF Goals

Empty Saddle Memorial Foundation is a non profit organization whose motto is "Mend them, teach them" . The Foundation's goals are to honor the lost horsemen of our area by continuing to tell their stories and inspire youth to work towards developing positive relationships with their horses, improving their horsemanship skills and exemplify what it means to be a true horseman and leader.

ESMF Honorees

"ESMF honorees relationships with their horse(s) were a very influential, important, life changing part of their lives. A life and relationship that is admirable, worthy of being a role model for younger generations. Selection of an honoree must focus on the manifestation of the journey with his horse(s) and within themselves." Ned Hermanson

Help Preserve This Heritage

The ESMF has worked to honor these inductees by helping out with the education and medical needs of area youth

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